“This is just a fragment of what I remember of my childhood, and a rollercoaster I never dared ride, and some daisies, and ghouls, thousands of ghouls dancing on our graves. I mean rules, thousands of rules digging our graves.” – James Tate, “Revenge of the Jagged Ambush Bug” from Shroud of the Gnome

First, you need to select an implement. Second, a method. Is it a calculated excavation, an even dissection, or do you go at it with a pickaxe, yowling? The speed of the dig is contingent on the weight of your shovel and the angle of your body.

Archaeological digs have unburied humanity’s most ancient data. Historical narratives have surfaced from the same soil — others have yet to be properly unearthed. In this issue, we invite you to study the vestiges of a past self, to pick apart the mothballs bound to your drawers, to loot the pit of your person.

You may find yourself rooted to unlikely places—your least favourite cousin’s backyard, your left incisor, a balloon you lost in the sky, a false memory, a 1992 hard disk drive.

Carving out your own space is a careful process of elimination. Maybe you go rummaging through racks of used clothing to find something that is uniquely “you,” or feel around in the dark for shapely truths.

Children paw at garden beds for live worms. A squirrel locates the burial place for a nut it has yet to find. The earth is unceasingly gutted for the chance prize of a goldmine or an oil reserve. Why are we so keen to go digging — and can the underground withstand the weight of what we want from it? What we hide in it?

Ransack the Astro Turf for something real. Uproot the family tree and study the soil. Tell us all the local haunts; they may come from the floorboards or your own creaky bones.

If you’re using a toothpick you could be at this forever, but perhaps the point is in the process.


Before submitting to The Void, double check that you’re a Concordia student. If not, no matter how much we like your work, we’ll have to reject it. With all submissions, please include a short bio. Our SUBMISSION DEADLINE has been extended to February 10th, 2018.

FICTION  2,500 word maximum.
NONFICTION 2,500 word maximum.
POETRY up to 5 poems.
VISUAL ART 3-5 samples (.tif or .jpg images at 300 dpi & if possible, a link to your website or blog)

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